MRC to improve Chunati Blood Bank infrastructure

The Muslim Research Center (MRC) will provide overall support for the infrastructural development of the voluntary humanitarian organization Chunati Blood Bank. Recently, the first grant was handed over to the Chunati Blood Bank’s own office in Lohagara Upazila by the MRC, an Islamic research institute and humanitarian organization.

Advisor of MRCs Gius Uddin Khan, Chittagong District Chief Reaz Ahmed Siddique, Convener Mohammad Sayed Uddin Siddique and Coordinator Mohammad Sohaib and Chunati Blood Bank Admin Omar Farooq, Chunati Ward Number 1 Member Jamir Uddin Babar, donor members Abu Sayed and Abul Fayez were present on the occasion.

This year, Muhammad Rashid Al Mazid Khan Siddiki Mamun, Founder of MRCs, along with eminent scholars of the country, established MRC for the purpose of advanced research on Qur’an and Hadith, renovate and restore mosques and madrasas and other humanitarian works.  Since its inception, the organization has used its own website and various social media platform to provide necessary rulings to enlighten all and spread the message of Islam.

Gius Uddin Khan, Advisor of MRC said, “The journey of MRCs with Chunati Blood Bank in the service of humanity will play a role in the development of this society.”

Associating with the Advisor, Reaz Ahmed Siddique said, “This small initiative is a reflection of the promise that we have made to stand by the people. In this way, we will work tirelessly for the development of the country.”

Omar Farooq, Admin of Chunati Blood Bank said, “The way Muhammad Rashid Al Mazid Khan Siddiki Mamun, the founder of MRCs, is working in the service of humanity is truly admirable and exemplary for others. We hope that the organization will always be our partner in our journey.”

The journey of Chunati Blood Bank started on 19th August 2017 through free blood campaign. The residents of Chunati who are located all across the country are regularly standing by the side of helpless and dying patients by donating 120-150 bags of blood per month from their respective areas .The organization has 65 active volunteers and 1,300 regular blood donors.

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