Dove’s love, passion for lives during Covid-19 pandemic

It is very important for everyone to follow the rules of health and hygiene in this unusual time of the global pandemic. By following proper hygiene rules, we can ensure our own safety as well as the lives of our loved ones. So the most important message for all of us at this time of the Corona pandemic is ‘To take more care of yourself as well as others’.

Dove has partnered with Bhumijo, a social enterprise, and the SAJIDA Foundation, a well-known non-governmental organization, to provide urgent assistance to meet the needs of front-line health workers fighting the deadly Coronavirus.

At this critical time jointly they are providing ‘Dove Kit’, a bag of Dove health care products- Dove Men + Care, Baby Dove, and Dove Derma series among doctors and other frontline health workers. There is also a letter consisting of messages from Dove and its partners, thanking doctors and other frontline health workers for their relentless work to save the lives of all of us at this critical time.

The Dove family believes, frontline health workers are the real heroes of our society and they are now fighting the toughest fight in the world. At a time when we are all busy protecting ourselves; doctors and other health workers are risking their lives to contain the deadly Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has emphasized the importance of regular hand wash to prevent one from being affected by Coronavirus. It doesn’t matter what brand of soap one uses, what matters is to keep hands germfree. The real thing is to wash hands properly and frequently.

Dove has launched the ‘Dove Self-Esteem’ and ‘Wash to Care’ campaigns, bringing together popular and influential celebrities through social media to reach out to all people around the world and inspire them to take care of themselves. Now that all educational institutions are closed, this project will play a helpful role in ensuring the mental health of young people and their parents.

Bangladeshi actress Azmeri Haque Badhon, who became the second runner-up in the Lux Channel I Superstar contest in 2006, wrote on her Instagram, ‘Self-esteem at home series: Wellbeing at home’, in this episode, I will share my very own thoughts on self-care and mental well-being, as well as reflect the advice of experts on the Global Dove Self-Esteem project.

Badhon furthered, “In this respect, my every word and promise has come from my firm belief, the importance of taking care of oneself and understanding one’s worth. I believe that in every area of life we should be empathetic towards ourselves and learn to love ourselves as we are.”

Adding to it, Dr. Habiba Akter, Medical Officer of SAJIDA Foundation said, “Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love one’s own life? But health workers put more emphasis on patient’s lives rather than their own. Present health workers are the clearest example. After passing MBBS, I took the oath that I would try my level best to take care of treating the ills t any circumstances. We, everyone, knows Coronavirus is an unforgiving, deadly virus that might take anyone’s life anytime. In spite of knowing this, I’m happy to serve my nation and play a vital role in treating Corona affected patients. It reminds me sacrifices of our valiant warriors of the 1971 independence war. We even don’t know when we will get back to our normal lives when we will be able to embrace our dearest near and dear ones. Adding to it, it’s very painful and difficult to work wearing PPE for long exhausting hours. After wearing PPE, we are unable to drink, eat, and rest or even use the washroom. Nevertheless of the existing negative environment, we get happy when we get to see any of our patients recovering from Corona. Tears of happiness and joy in their eyes are the sheer rewards of our achievements and sacrifices. At the end of the day, we find our happiness amongst them. I am thankful to Dove, for spreading the words of wisdom, self-care, and love.”

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